Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finding my Stride

Today is a good day for being on a diet. Why? Because I did really well today, and I didn't even realize it until now. I just calculated my calories for the day thinking that I probably was really near my limit and was pleasantly surprised to find that I'm still a couple hundred calories under my limit for the day. This is awesome considering I have such a hard time staying in my limits without tracking.

By the way, polenta is an awesome substitute for pasta. I like it best when it's broiled on each side so it's kind of crispy on the outside.

I've been running into something I haven't really experienced before. When I eat something that is blatantly bad for me, I get horrible stomach cramps and pain. Sunday night I decided to have a quesadilla for dinner because I was stuck at work instead of out celebrating with my dragon boat team. Paul had to bring me pepto bismol because my stomach hurt so badly. Today I had a bubble tea - which isn't really all that terrible but not great either - and I had to stop drinking it because my stomach was getting upset. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had to check on the couch to 5k website to remind myself how often to train. 3 days a week is the suggested amount. My legs are rather sore today and I really didn't want to run. The good news is I don't have to until tomorrow! It suggests that you have a day between runs to let your body recover. So, tomorrow is the second round of day 2 week 2, and friday will be day 1 week 3. Wish me luck!


  1. I haven't ever really been on a "diet" besides just being vegetarian or vegan depending on the year, and I don't eat all that healthy.. but I noticed that after pretty much stopping eating regular candy bars and drinking soda, most soda tastes totally nasty to me and makes me feel a bit ill, unless it's something like diet grapefruit soda, or mexican soda; same with a lot of candy bars. I think when you cut something out of your diet, especially if it's not so good for your body, your body gets happier not having it than having it?

  2. I've definitely experienced the stomach cramp thing when my body is used to good foods and I sabotage it. I think it's normal... but you should also consider that the two things you ate are heavy in dairy, right? Keep an eye on that, maybe it's a developing lactose thing.

  3. Wanna come over to my side of town and do Week 2, Day 3 with me?