Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Win!

Okay, so I was avoiding posting anything lately because I've been seriously slacking on the challenge. I managed to make it 7 days...actually it was more than that and I even went to yoga the day after we got back from California. But the next day I got booted from the Dragon Boats and when I should have come home and gone to yoga or done the elliptical, I decided to have a pity party and laid on my couch all evening. Then four more days went by with no effort to exercise.

Yesterday I got back on track and was able to paddle with the dragon boat team. I am in that phase of anything I do where it's been a few weeks and I feel like I should be getting better but time is my enemy. I was able to paddle through all of the drills for nearly the entire practice. I had to stop here and there to catch my breath but I really pushed myself. This is a great improvement! Especially when I had nearly two weeks away from paddling. But I got frustrated because I couldn't get my technique honed in and my paddle was too short to do it quite right. I nearly cried because I was so frustrated as I walked up the dock back to my car. I am pretty competitive by nature and it's hard for me to not be immediately exceed peoples expectations. So I just need to accept I'm average and keep pushing to be better.

The calorie thing has paid off. I've lost almost five pounds now. It actually hasn't been that difficult either. I've been doing pretty well at keeping track of my breakfasts and lunches but I haven't been that on top of it for dinners. The way I've been managing is to just be scared to eat anything. So if I do eat something that I know isn't particularly healthy, I just don't eat much. This is probably not the best way I could approach my diet, but it's working and that is what matters!

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