Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, it's over. And I'm sitting on my couch right now in my pajamas eating through my pile of chocolate whilst planning my trip to Outback where I will guiltlessly eat my fair share of a bloomin' onion. Yes I'm aware of what is in a bloomin' onion. I don't care.

Running was a bust over the last week. I managed to run two days while the family was here, but I think the day that I ran in the rain killed my immune system. I haven't been able to breathe through my nose for about 4 days. That's really all that's wrong though. Once that's gone I'll be back to 100%. The good news is that my super hubby bought me the perfect push-up. They're these swivel handle things that you use to do pushups with. It helps take the pressure off your wrists. Anyway, I felt the need to use them immediately and my arms, chest and low belly have been pretty sore for a couple days. So now I have something I can combine with my running.

I've been trying to shop a bit for new running shoes. I went on and they told me I needed ugly old lady running shoes. I guess having low arches (or none at all)  means I have to wear shoes with really wide soles to keep my ankles from rolling. The problem is that the only shoes I've found that have this feature aren't cheap. The site also said that if you have a shoe that's working for you, just buy the same shoe. I would do that because I love my new balance shoes, but they don't make them anymore. That's how long it's been since I've bought new athletic shoes. I might invest more effort into my shopping ventures this week.

I am looking forward to continuing my running venture, but I'm afraid I might need to take a break from weight watchers. I love going to my meetings and I love the program, but the problem is that I don't really do it like I should and I'm too lazy to fix the charge error on my credit card so that I can keep going. I'm going to take a 1-2 month hiatus and start going back again in February or March at the latest. I think it will be good because it's starting to get easy to ignore both the guilt and encouragement I get from the program. I think with a break I might be a bit more refreshed and ready to hit the ground running with it. As it is, I've been spending $8 a week for them to tell me what I weigh, and that's about it. This is too much money to be spending on something I'm not really trying to do very well. I just don't want it badly enough right now, and haven't for about 6 months. It's time for a break.

So onward with my exercise program and onward with my mild control over my eating!

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