Friday, April 13, 2012

Sugar High

Last weekend for Easter my mom made an easter basket for Charlotte and another one for the grown ups. It was filled to the brim with bags of candy. Snickers, nuggets, skittles, butterfinger, peanut butter cups galore.
I've found myself in a downward spiral of craptacular eating. Not only have I been finding myself eating candy for breakfast, it seems that regular sodas, fried food, and simple carbs have creeped their way into my diet.
I'm out of control! I'm a snacking fatty food eating fiend! The only redeeming thing about my diet is that at least I'm getting some exercise with my zumba classes. I found out today that eating McDonalds before zumba class is a bad idea. A really really bad idea.
So I'm going on a detox next week. No more candy. No more fast food. Nothing deep fried. No adding sugar to my tea. No adding syrup to my coffee.

On the softball front I'm still on the fence. It turns out that Paul isn't going to be able to play because the Sunday team doesn't need any men. So if I play it will just be me. The main issue is cost. I'm looking at close to $200 for the league and to buy myself a glove. Then there's the cost of travel. Practices are in North Portland which is a bit of a commute for me. I really want to play, but I'm thinking that with our saving for a house and my time stretched as it is, taking on another activity might be too much. So I think for now, zumba is going to have to be good enough by itself. Maybe next year.

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