Monday, March 26, 2012

Moving On

Well, I finally got a response from my dragon boat coach today. It seems there isn't any room for me on the team. I can't say I'm very surprised. I really liked my team but I got the impression that I made my coach and my captain uncomfortable somehow and I don't really know why.

So this leaves me at a crossroads. I could find another team, or I could give up on dragon boating. I really enjoyed paddling, but I think a huge part of it was my team. I felt really connected with my coach's style and my teammates. Half of my motivation was because of them. So if I had to join another team it would always be tainted by what I'm missing, and it would be hard to go to races and see my old teammates and miss them like I would.

My other option is not to paddle anymore. This makes me a bit sad because I did enjoy being outdoors and on the water during the summer and I really like working to perfect a new skill. It would have been really difficult to figure out the practice schedule with little toot to keep track of as well.

The thought popped into my head after I talked to my coach that I should find some other sport to play outside then. And then I thought about how much I missed softball. I played for 6 years until I was 15. I wasn't half bad either. I figure I still have most of the motor skills I just need to get back into shape so that they work better.

I looked it up and there's an adult league that's holding tryouts next week. I used to have tons of gear, but I've since lost or gotten rid of nearly everything softball related so now it's a matter of gathering the respective items I need for the tryout without spending a ton of money. Paul and I went and priced stuff out and it looks like cleats will be $36 and a new glove will be anywhere from $60 to $100. I like the more expensive one of course. First I'm going to call tomorrow and ask what the chances are of getting on a team. Then I'm going to pick up the cleats and borrow a glove from one of my sister's friends. I hope the weather holds out this week so I can play some catch to brush up on my skills!

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